Hua Mei
Hua Mei
Hua Mei


August 21,1999

Left the San Diego Zoo

February 2004





Life Edit

Hua Mei was born on August 21,1999 at the San Diego zoo. She stayed there for 5 year, then on February 2004 to the Wolong Facility. She became a first time mom, in September of that year when she gave birth to twin. Both were males, later named Hua Ling and Mei Ling. In August 2005 she gave birth to another set of twin, this time a boy and a girl and gave birth to her third set of twins on July 2007. She is mother of 6 cubs.

Timeline Edit

  • August 21, 1999 Hua Mei is born
  • February 2004 Hua Mei return to china
  • September 1,2004 Hua Mei gives birth to Mei Ling(male) and Hua Ling(female)
  • August 29, 2005 Hua Mei gives birth to Wei Wie(male) and Ting Ting(female)
  • July 16, 2007 Hua Mei gives birth to Hua Long(male) and Hua Ao(male)
  • July 7,2009 Hua Mei gave birth to a female cub