San Diego Zoo's Gaint Pandas
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San Diego Zoo got their first pandas in September 1996. In 1999 they had the first successful birth of a gaint panda in the United States. They currently have 5 pandas at the Zoo

History Edit

In September 1996 the Zoo recieved their first two Giant Pandas. One male named Shi Shi and one female named Bai Yun. After three years Bai Yun finally got pregnant, she gave birth to a female named Hua Mei. This was the first successful birth in the United States. Two years after Hua Mei was born the Zoo try again to get a baby but there couldn't. In 2003, China want Hua Mei back,so the zoo sent her back. The zoo also sent back Shi Shi and got a new male named Gao Gao. In quickly Gao Gao mated with Bai Yun and in August 2003 she gave birth to Mei Shang. In 2005 she gave birth again to Su Lin. Then in 2007 the zoo sent back Mei Shang and again in August Bai Yun gave birth to Zhen Zhen. Two years later Bai Yun gave birth on August 5,2009 to a boy. The the new panda is 100 days old it will get it's name.